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Learn About Walk and Talk Therapy

Audire Counselling is dedicated to helping our clients overcome their issues and problems. In line with this goal, we have adopted an alternative mode of therapy called Walk and Talk therapy.

Walk and Talk therapy is counselling or psychotherapy done outdoors. This is different from the typical counselling session done in an office.

How It Works

In every session, you have the freedom to choose whether you want a relaxing stroll or a fast power walk. Whatever the pace, we will be there to follow you. We will talk about the issues that you are facing while moving forward, literally and figuratively.

We will first start in the traditional indoor setting. Here, we will set expectations and talk about how our outdoor sessions will work. We will set the following:

  • Meeting Place
  • Duration of Every Session

  • Factors to Consider Such as the Weather
  • Other Concerns You May Have

Walk and Talk therapy is best for people who:

  • Suffers From Mild or Moderate Depression
  • Has Stress or Anxiety
  • Worries About Work or Career

  • Has Relationship Problems or Family Issues
  • Adjusting to a New Baby

Benefits of Walk and Talk Therapy

Studies have shown that spending time outdoors helps one to relax and unwind. Our stress hormones and adrenaline levels decrease while our happiness hormone level increases. Moreover, taking a walk on a wide, open space makes us feel free. We are able to express our feelings more freely than in an enclosed space. We are also able to think clearly and identify solutions to our problems.

See for yourself how this unique therapy will work for you. Get in touch with us in Brisbane, Australia for more details.